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Archives of Head and Neck Surgery
Case Report Larynx, hypopharynx and tracheal diseases and tumors

Giant laryngocele

Ana Carla Albuquerque dos Santos, Francisco Januário Farias Pereira Filho, Jônatas Catunda de Freitas, Francieudo Justino Rolim, Matheus Augusto Mesquita Fernandes

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Laryngocele is an abnormal dilation of the laryngeal saccules arising from the laryngeal ventricle. We report the case of a 50 year-old smoker female patient with a palpable mass in the neck. The laryngoscopy showed a globular mass affecting piriform recess and right hemilarynx, with vocal folds preservation and with semi-occlusion of glottic space. Before performing the computed tomography, the main diagnostic hypothesis was laryngeal neoplasm. Contrasted CT showed an air-filled cavity in topography of cervical level III. The patient was then submitted to resection of the structure.


laryngeal diseases; laryngocele; laryngoscopy


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