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Original Article Larynx, hypopharynx and tracheal diseases and tumors

Comparative analysis of quality of life in advanced laryngeal and oral cancer undergoing extensive surgeries

Fernanda Gonzalez Rocha Souza, Izabella Costa Santos, Andressa Silva de Freitas, Luiz Claudio Santos Thuler, Anke Bergmann, Emilson Queiroz Freitas, Fernando Luiz Dias

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Introduction: Total laryngectomy has significant impact in vital functions of patients as breath, swallow and speech, and may influence their quality of life. The COMMANDO surgery followed by adjuvant radiotherapy is a mutilating surgery that impacts patients swallowing, saliva, chewing, and speech, interfering with their quality of life. Objective: To describe and evaluate comparatively factors associated with lower quality of life in patients with advanced larynx and oral cavity cancer undergoing extensive surgeries. Materials and Methods: 95 patients with laryngeal cancer and 47 with oral cavity cancer underwent extensive surgeries. The fourth version of University of Washington Quality of Life Questionnaire (UW-QOL) was used. Results: Regarding the subjective domains, they evaluate quality of life related to health as good in both subsites. Worst scores in QOL domains after total laryngectomy were presented in mood, activity, rehabilitation through esophageal speech and absence of vocal emission. Worst scores in QOL domains after COMMANDO were presented in chewing, swallowing, speech, and absence of saliva. The average composite score for quality of life in larynx was 80.4 and oral cavity was 64.6. Conclusion: The high value for the average composite score of QOL after total laryngectomy showed positive assessment of QOL compared to lower values reported after COMMANDO. The absence of vocal emission was the only domain independently associated with a decreased QOL according to the UW-QOL. Oral cavity patients reported that they cannot even chew soft foods and can only eat some solid food.


quality of life; head and neck cancer; surgery.


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