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Thyroid gland topography

Flavio Carneiro Hojaij, Ana Docko, Leticia Franceschi, Tatiana Mina Yendo, Flavia Akamatsu, Alfredo Luis Jacomo, Claudio Roberto Cernea

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Introduction: Clinical and imaging evaluations of thyroid gland disorders suggest that its topography seems to be more thoracic, especially in older patients. Objective: To demonstrate this topography variation. Materials and Methods: We performed an anatomical study in 45 cadavers of both genders within 24 hours post-mortem to establish the influence of anthropometric data in this topography variation. Results: The thyroid gland is always positioned above the jugular notch, and we observed no stray node gland. Conclusion: The thyroid gland was always present in cervical position, without stray node glands. There is no influence on anthropometric features.


Thyroid, Anatomy, Surgery.


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