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Case Report Lip and oral cavity tumors

Idiopatic bone cavity mimicking odontogenic tumor - case report

Victor Perez Teixeira, Nayara Gobara, Rodrigo Alves Ribeiro, José Narciso Rosa Assunção Júnior

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Idiopathic bone cavity is an intraosseous pseudocyst characterized by an empty or fluid-filled cavity, which most commonly affects the jaw. A male patient, 24 years of age, was referred for evaluation of multilocular radiolucent lesion, circumscribed in the left jaw region, which was identified during a routine radiographic examination. An incisional biopsy was performed, with a diagnostic hypothesis of ameloblastoma, where a small apparent bone fenestration and a complete absence of surgical site contents were observed. The diagnosis for idiopathic bone cavity was established by these transoperative characteristics. Regression of the intraosseous lesion was observed during the clinical and radiographic follow-up.


jaw neoplasms; jaw diseases; diagnosis; oral.


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