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Archives of Head and Neck Surgery
Case Report Larynx, hypopharynx and tracheal diseases and tumors

A case of hypoharyngeal lipoma with extrapharyngeal extension

Ognjen Cukic, Milan Jovanovic

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Hypopharyngeal lipoma is a rare entity and is usually asymptomatic until it reaches a large size. The lipoma described in this case was unusual because of its deep extension from the hypopharynx to the visceral space of the neck. On endoscopic and MRI examination the tumour appeared as an encapsulated, well-defined lesion covered by yellowish intact mucosa. The lipoma was completely removed through the transcervical approach. The surgery produced excellent cosmetic results and no functional impairment. The approach used also provided a rapid and uneventful postoperative recovery and optimal locoregional control of the disease during the follow-up period.


airway obstruction; hypopharynx; laryngoscopy; lipoma.


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