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Carotid-artery cochlear dehiscence

Vanessa Ribeiro Orlando Galli, Renata Victória Tassara, Marcelo Castro Alves de Sousa, Mírian Cabral Moreira de Castro, Oswaldo Laércio Mendonça Cruz

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Changes in course of the internal carotid artery (ICA) are uncommon, and dehiscence of the carotid canal with cochlea may occur. A 48-year-old female individual with pulsatile tinnitus. No other otologic symptoms observed. Otolaryngologic examination and audiometric test with normal results. Computed tomography (CT) scan of the mastoid bones showed dehiscence of cochlea with ICA on the right side. An option for monitored observation was made after analysis of the risks and undefined results of surgery. Patient maintained clinical and audiometric profile. Carotid-artery cochlear dehiscence is a condition that must be known, remembered and investigated, because it may mimic other otologic pathologies. Knowledge about it prevents serious complications that can be difficult to reverse.


carotid artery; cochlea; dehiscence; pulsatile; tinnitus.


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