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Original Article Thyroid diseases and tumors

Use of radioguided surgery technique for the treatment of thyroid cancer recurrence: clinical, surgical and anatomopathological aspects

Dhara Giovanna Santin de Souza, Jalmir Rogerio Aust, Rafael Nunes Goulart, Silvia MacDonald Noronha, Fabiana Oenning da Gama, Daniel Knabben Ortellado

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Introduction: Surgery is the treatment of choice in locoregional thyroid neoplasia recurrence. The intense tissue healing process observed after surgery changes the neck anatomy, makes reoperation difficult, and interferes with surgical success. The use of the Radioguided Occult Lesion Localization (ROLL) technique has become a viable option to localize thyroid tumors. Objective: To analyze the use of the ROLL technique for the treatment of thyroid cancer recurrence with respect to its clinical, surgical and anatomopathological aspects. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study that analyzed 56 medical records and anatomopathological examinations of patients of both sexes who had thyroid neoplasms, underwent previous surgeries on this topography, and were submitted to the ROLL technique for recurrence removal from March 2011 to March 2019. Results: Most patients were women aged 46.05 years, on average. Papillary thyroid neoplasm was the most prevalent histological finding. In 100% of the cases, application of the ROLL technique identified and removed the lesions marked with suspicion for malignancy. Conclusion: Radioguided surgery has proved to be a very effective and safe tool to assist with lesion localization for the treatment of thyroid cancer recurrence. This technique has brought no additional side effects to patients, required minimal radiation and made surgery less invasive, reducing postoperative complication rates.


thyroid; cancer; recurrence; radioguided surgery; ROLL.


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