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Time heals. A study of thyroidectomy scars

Vergilius José Furtado de Araujo Filho, Vergilius José Furtado de Araujo-Neto, Leandro Luongo de Matos

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Introduction: Thyroidectomy is a commonly performed surgical procedure and there is a major concern among patients about the resultant scar in an exposed area of the body. Objective: To evaluate the quality of the thyroidectomy scars over a long period of time. Methods: Over a period of two years the quality of the thyroidectomy scars among 283 consecutive patients was registered during their follow-up for malignancies. On a scale of 0 (excellent) to 3 (bad) thyroidectomy scars were classified according to the time after surgery. Results: After 5 years or more 95% of the scars were classified as excellent or very good; 55% of them were excellent, which indicates that the scar was virtually invisible at a distance of 1.5 meters. Only 5% of the cases had a regular or bad scar after 5 years or more, and only one patient (0,5%) had a bad scar. Conclusion: The scars remaining after thyroid surgery had an improved appearance with time, and the vast majority of patients had an excellent or very good scar after a period of five years or more.


thyroidectomy; thyroid gland; cicatrix.


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