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Bilateral dentigerous cyst in suprarenal tumor child: a case report

Alexandre Viana Frascino, Maria Tereza Assis de Almeida, Marcelo Fava, Tales Cerioni, Flávio Hojaij

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Bilateral dentigerous cyst in patients with no syndrome diagnosis is rare. Only 20 cases are published, to our knowledge. Here, a 6 years old child with a previous adrenal tumor diagnosis at 2yo and surgically treated at 4yo presented at our outpatient clinic in a quaternary children’s hospital with a painless mandibular bone expansion on both sides. Physical and tomographic assessments suggested odontogenic cysts. Due to continuous hormone therapy with hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone, excisional biopsies were performed. Teeth associated with the cysts were removed to avoid postoperative infections. The patient had an uneventful follow-up and no recurrence signs. This case report reveals a potent focus of oral infections in an immunosuppressed patient. In these cases, the multidisciplinary approach is necessary.


dentigerous cyst; adrenal adenoma; osteolytic lesion; bone cyst.


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