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Angina bullosa hemorrhagica: a rare or undiagnosed condition?

André Luis Silva Santos, Ademir Melo Leite-Filho, Israel Leal Cavalcante, Caio César da Silva Barros, John Lennon Silva Cunha

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Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica (ABH) is a recurrent disorder characterized by the appearance of a blood-filled blister in the oral mucosa, mainly in the soft palate and tongue of middle-aged or older adults. The purpose of the present study is to report an additional case of ABH in conjunction with a comprehensive literature review describing this entity’s clinical and therapeutic characteristics. A 68-year-old Caucasian woman with no relevant medical history sought an oral medicine service presenting a blood blister on the lateral surface of the tongue lasting two days. No possible triggering factors were identified. Based on clinical features and exclusion of hematological disorders, the diagnosis was ABH. The treatment was an incision of the blister and a prescription of analgesic drugs. At 15 days of follow-up, the oral mucosa was normal. ABH can be confused with autoimmune and hematological diseases. Therefore, clinicians must recognize ABH to avoid misdiagnosis. The clinical management of ABH is often focused only on the relief of symptoms.


Angina bullosa hemorrhagica; diagnostic; oral mucosa blisters.


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