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Archives of Head and Neck Surgery

Laryngotracheal and pulmonary aspergillosis in an adolescent with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: case report

Gabriela De Martin Silva, Fábio da Cunha Peixoto Ladeira, João Batista de Oliveira Andrade, Scheilla Torres de Oliveira, Joaquim Caetano de Aguirre Neto

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Patients undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia are at greater risk for invasive fungal diseases that represent an important cause of morbidity and mortality. Aspergillosis is a fungal infection, usually pulmonary, that rarely affects the laryngeal and tracheal regions. This is a case report about an immunocompromised adolescent undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, who evolved with febrile neutropenia and pulmonary and laryngotracheal aspergillosis. After 3 weeks of antifungal treatment using voriconazole, a chest tomography showed the reduction of the multiple pulmonary nodules and the fibronasolaryngoscopy endorsed a complete response to the treatment of laryngotracheal lesions.


acute lymphoblastic leukemia; invasive fungal disease; aspergillosis; adolescent


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