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Cholesteatoma secondary to extensive face cutaneous hemangioma

Larissa Parrela Rodrigues, Laura Isoni Auad, Bárbara Andrade Lima, Vanessa Ribeiro Orlando, Mirian Cabral Moreira de Castro

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A 42-year-old male patient with a congenital facial cutaneous hemangioma on the right side that continued into the ipsilateral external auditory canal and predisposed to the development of cholesteatomatous chronic otitis. The involvement and thickening of the skin of the external auditory canal probably caused the accumulation of debris and consequent formation of cholesteatoma. The patient complained of fetid otorrhea and evolved with progressive hearing loss over time and complications of otitis, requiring a surgical approach to resolve the condition. The description of this clinical case is relevant as no similar cases of cholesteatoma with extensive facial hemangioma as the primary cause have been found in the literature to date


cholesteatoma; hemangioma; vascular malformations; hearing loss.


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