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Madelung’s disease: clinical findings and patient management

Caroline Cunico, Jorge Eduardo Fouto Matias, Nicolas Galat Ahumada

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Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (MSL), also known as Madelung’s Disease, is a rare condition characterized by the presence of diffuse, symmetrical, unencapsulated lipomas commonly located on the face, neck, and in the proximal region of the upper limbs. Lesions are generally asymptomatic, grow slowly and progressively, but can lead to cervical mobility limitation and involve deep mediastinal structures. The disease is more prevalent in men of Mediterranean origin aged 30-60 years and is associated with chronic alcoholism. Diagnosis is based on clinical findings and complementary imaging tests. Generally, the most accepted treatment approach is surgical excision of the lesions, although several alternative treatments have been described. This study reports the clinical case of an MSL patient treated with multiple surgical resections. It describes the diagnosis and compares the clinical findings and treatment of the patient with the main correlated comorbidities in the literature.


Madelung’s disease; Launois-Bensaude Syndrome; Multiple Symmetrical Lipomatosis.


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