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Asymptomatic foreign body spontaneously discharged from Wharton’s duct: a case report

Emerson Kennedy Ribeiro de Andrade Filho, Thiago Câmara de Souza Barbalho, Sheila Ramos de Miranda Henriques, Marina Mayara Batista do Rêgo

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Some situations can lead to obstruction of Wharton’s duct. Obstructions are usually due to endogenous causes, such as calculi, fibromucinous plugs, stenosis, and malformations of the duct system; however, in rare situations, obstructions can also have exogenous causes, such as foreign bodies. The tortuous anatomy of Wharton’s duct hinders the retrograde migration of straight-shaped foreign bodies, as well as makes their spontaneous discharge virtually impossible. Here, we report the case of a 47-year-old woman with an asymptomatic foreign body in Wharton’s duct that was spontaneously discharged.


foreign bodies; salivary ducts; submandibular gland


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