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Archives of Head and Neck Surgery

Overcoming bleeding: arterial embolization as an aid in giant thyroid goiter surgery – a case report

Adriana Lourdes Cango-Apolo, Edison John Barba Pacheco

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The usefulness of selective embolization of thyroid arteries in the treatment of voluminous goiters is reported on a 55-year-old patient with a grade 3 goiter. Selective arteriography was used to embolize the thyroid arteries. Radiological embolization reduced the volume of the goiter significantly, resolving the compressive symptoms, improving the dysphonia and respiratory mechanics, and maintaining normal thyroid function. Selective embolization of thyroid arteries before thyroid resection can successfully treat selected patients. Embolization can be repeated until the therapeutic objectives are achieved, with good management of complications.


embolization; therapeutic; arteries; goiter; dysphonia.


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